My Story


Photo Credit: Karen Walrond

Hey there. I’m Ginny Wolfe.

One day I went a little crazy and decided to move to Bali.

Had I ever been there? No.

Did I know anyone there? Well, no.

But a friend stopped here for a day once.

He thought it was nice.

I used to be in politics and advocacy in South Carolina and Washington, D.C. Now I am hanging on for dear life on the back of someone’s scooter, trying to decide if I have the nerve (or am really all that crazy) to drive one myself.

For years I got up to the sound of my iPhone alarm, put on some nice clothes, chose some shoes from about 767 pairs, went to work, came home and did it all again. Now, I wake up (literally) with the roosters, throw on shorts and a t-shirt and sit outside with the breeze. When I go out, I wear flip flops.

My blog is called One Big Suitcase because that’s what I brought.

I sold my house and pretty much everything in it (you can read about that HERE). That doesn’t mean I won’t go back to the States. It just means I was tired of being tied to stuff.

I consider this a long vacation to make up for all the ones I didn’t take when I was wearing shoes. It’s a peace-of-mind, middle-age, grounding exercise and I am lucky to be able to do it.

I’m just going to go with the flow here; see as much as I can, learn a little Balinese, and write this blog. I hope to introduce you to people I meet, things I see, food I eat and anything else that comes along.

Let me know if there’s anything special you’d like to hear about. And stay in touch!